Welcome short film fans!

My name is Mike, and welcome to my blog about short films.

Let me clarify that I don’t work in the film industry at all. I’m simply a fan of the short film genre. I can’t remember when I first got into short films. Maybe they caught my interest after watching the CBC show, Canadian Reflections, one late night. Maybe it was my fond memory of watching National Film Board animated films at school or on television.

Either way, short films have made a real impact on me. Many times, I would prefer to watch short films instead of full-length feature films. They are basically short stories translated onto the screen. They can tell the story in a matter of minutes, without the need of subplots. They can often leave the viewer in awe and appreciation of the film maker’s talent. They can make you want to watch more and more!

My goal with this blog is to share and discuss some of my favorite short films that I’ve had the pleasure to watch on television or in a theatre. I’d also like to include posts regarding festivals, events, news, and hopefully an interview with a film maker now and then.

The films to be featured here will be Canadian. Hope you’ll come back to read my posts often.

Happy Viewing!


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