‘My Guy’ – Can Larry Gowan Bring Two People Together?

My Guy (2011) was written by Dane Clark and directed by Simonee Chichester. This is a fun little film starring Allana Harkin (Shelly) and Daniel Lupetina (Oliver).  Teenage Oliver works for Shelly at a downtown diner. Oliver and Shelly are the only two employees at the restaurant that night, as the rest of the staff have left early to attend a local school dance. Attracted to Shelly, Oliver asks her to accompany him to the same dance. While clearly flattered, Shelly declines Oliver’s offer. A discussion then ensues about their present situation and potential future.

I think most of us can identify with one of the characters in this younger guy/older woman dichotomy. The film does a great job at contrasting the optimistic hope of the young versus the cold reality of the mature.  With only two main characters, the film has a nice simplicity to it. I also liked how Larry Gowan’s hit song, Strange Animal , was referenced in the film. Perhaps because both characters liked Gowan, Oliver hoped that this, in itself, would be enough to bind the two together (which also made me laugh). Ah, youth.

My Guy is a great Canadian short. I’ve seen the film a few times on CBC’s Canadian Reflections, and I believe it will be on the show again on June 16. I recommend watching the film at least once. But when you do, don’t be surprised if you get Strange Animal stuck in your head as an ear-worm.


2 thoughts on “‘My Guy’ – Can Larry Gowan Bring Two People Together?

  1. Absolutely delightful film Mike…keep them coming!
    Your analysis of the film was spot on, and VERY helpful to me in appreciating that film!!!
    My thanks!!

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