No Time To Rest In The Summer: NSI, WFG Looking For Short Films

Ah, summer. It’s a time when everyone can slow down and enjoy the warm weather and have fun outside. But, if you’re a short film producer, chances are you’ll be busy working on your project to submit to one of the following (or both) film entries:

National Screen Institute (NSI)  recently announced their call for short film submissions to be included in their Online Short Film Festival. Participants have  a chance to win up to $3,000 in cash awards.  Films will be accepted until August 8, 2014 at 4:30 pm CST. Click on the NSI weblink for more details:

Also, the Winnipeg Film Group is hosting the 48 Hour Film Contest. Film makers who are WFG members and Manitoba residents have the opportunity to make and submit a short film to be shown at a premiere on July 6, 2014. More details can be found by visiting the WFG’s link:

Looking forward to seeing these films either online or on screen. Got to love the short film making talent that’s out there.  Good luck to all the entrants!



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