Budding Manitoba Film Makers Put 48 Hours To Productive Use

I had the pleasure to attend the screening of 18 new short films at Winnipeg Cinematheque this past weekend. They were all made by Manitoba film makers for competition in the 48 Hour Film Contest. Entrants had 48 hours to write, film, edit and complete a short film  to be shown in front of a live audience and judging panel. There were plenty of prizes to be won and the film makers did not disappoint the crowd or the judges.

Here’s a complete list of the films and their creators: ‘Red Light’ by Daniel Bergeron; ‘Loss of Contact’ by Brad Crawford; ‘A Loss’ by Connor Duff; ‘Kiki’ by Doug Livingston; ‘Overcoming the Monster of Life’ by Kaleb Barkman; ‘Marney’ by Desiree Deleau; ‘Burden’ by Mandeep Sodhi; ‘Belly Up’ by Kai Jolley; ‘Bell Banshee’ by Thane Carr; ‘Voiles (Veils)’ by Jay Javier; ‘Not the End for me’ by Matthew Van Ginkel; ‘Time Machine’ by Sage Daniels; ‘Fugue’ by Clarke Stockton; ‘C’est La Vie’ by Darren Young; ‘Watching Television’ by Matheu Plouffe; ‘The Rage’ by Patrick Gregoire; ‘Mickey and Nick’ by Don Barnard; ‘Tent’ by Kevin Tabachnick

Overall, the films were well received and everyone had a great time at the screening. I was very impressed with the quality of these films and especially of the talent of the film makers. I couldn’t imagine having to be able to put together a completely produced short film for public viewing in just 2 days.

Hats off goes to the friends and families of these film makers who helped them make it happen. In case you were wondering, Best Film award went to ‘Marney’, while film maker Brad Crawford won Best Director. Here’s a full listing of the night’s winners courtesy of Winnipeg Film Group:


Congrats to all the film makers who participated. This kind of thing is making me want to make my own short film one day!


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