‘Bread & Kisses’ (2010) Will Teach You More Than How To Bake Bread

Have you baked anything, lately? Have you ever met someone special when you weren`t really looking? The romantic short film, ‘Bread & Kisses’ by Katherine Fitzgerald is a must see for those who are on the search for one thing, but wind up finding something completely different altogether without really trying.

In this story, Paul is on the verge of solving a complex mathematical problem. While visiting a local bakery, and with the persuasion of two lovely female bakers, he signs up for Saturday baking classes. Paul is instantly attracted to Elena, one of the bakers. In class, he bakes with the same method and logic as the math problem he’s trying to solve. Paul abandons the classes after learning that Elena is getting married. Soon after, Awen, the other baker, shows up at his apartment with a tin box full of baked goods. Her appearance at the apartment, and her baked goods, ultimately helps Paul solve his math problem.

This film had a pleasant, romantic quality to it. Clearly, our mathematician friend is attracted to Elena, but oblivious to the fact that Awen is interested in him. It was a bit funny to see him discontented when he wasn’t paired up with Elena for a baking demo. You could also sense and see his disappointment when he finds out that Elena is getting married.  These scenes throughout the film were very relatable; haven’t we all experienced that ‘love triangle’ of liking someone and not having that interest returned, while someone else has his or her eyes on us?

The common thread throughout the film that I picked up on was that ‘love makes good things happen’. We saw this in the bakery, when love was the ‘missing ingredient’ that he needed to add to make his loaf of bread bake properly. We also noticed it when he was finally able to solve his math problem after Awen visited him at his apartment with baked goods (baking that she had made for him!). This is an important lesson to take away: love really can help make things better, and can make positive things happen in our lives.

Visit the NSI`s website: http://www.nsi-canada.ca/2013/08/bread-kisses/ for more on the film and Katherine.



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