‘Jesse’ Earns Two Perfect Scores, Moves On To Final Round Of CBC’s Short Film Face Off

This weekend, the last remaining three competitors on CBC’s Short Film Face Off vied for the final chance at winning the Telefilm Short Film Face Off grand prize of $45,000. Three more fascinating shorts by Canadian film makers were featured on September 27, with one even earning perfect scores from two of the panelists.

Courtesy of Short Film Face Off
(Courtesy of Short Film Face Off)

In Round 3, we were introduced to James Stewart (‘Foxed!’), Adam Goldhammer (‘Jesse’) and Lisa Rose Snow (‘Two Penny Road Kill’). The films had themes that can hit home for many. The animated ‘Foxed!’ looked at the frustrating relationship between children and parents; ‘Jesse’ examined a young woman’s life impacted by her autistic brother; ‘Two Penny Road Kill’ focused on how good relationships can happen even to lonely people. If you missed the episode or would like to watch it again, please click on the CBC Player link here: http://www.cbc.ca/player/Shows/Shows/Short+Film+Face+Off/

‘Jesse’ by Adam Goldhammer was the third and last film to move on to the final round coming up on October 4th. It garnered a stunning 15.0 stars, including perfect scores of 4.0 from Michelle Latimer and Eli Glasner.  According to host Steve Patterson, no other single film in the show’s history had ever earned two perfect scores from a panel. ‘Foxed!’ by Stewart garnered 13.0 stars, while Snow’s ‘Two Penny Road Kill’ finished third with 11.0 stars.

In each of these films, you could really feel for the characters. The little girl in ‘Foxed!’ wanted so desperately to communicate with her mother, just like many adults who struggled with their parents as a child or who still struggle with them as adults. ‘Jesse’ revealed how one family member can have a deep influence our lives and how we cope with those influences. ‘Two Penny Road Kill’ showed that it’s OK to let new people into one’s solitary life.

During the scoring and review of ‘Jesse’, panelist Mohit Rajhans suggested the film could have been “two or three minutes shorter”. This was met with objection from a baffled Michelle Latimer.  It would have been interesting to know where he would have made those cuts. According to the rest of the panel and an audience member, everything in the film was where it should have been.

The viewing audience had the chance at picking the grand prize winner by voting via telephone or through the show’s website at http://www.cbc.ca/shortfilmfaceoff/ until the end of Sunday. We won’t know which film won until the show’s broadcast on October 4.

A big congrats goes out to James, Adam and Lisa for making these films. Good luck goes to Adam, as he moves on to the final round of Short Film Face Off.

Want to know what inspires a short film maker? Check out this link (courtesy of Short Film Face Off): https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=UU5ujvySyX2svDmsle_–dpA&v=iUwtTvDihuM


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