‘Terminal’ (2012) Examines The Emotional Issue Of The Right To Die

Short films are well-known to shed light on some very serious social topics. In the case of ‘Terminal’ (2012), this emotionally-charged film tackles the very sensitive issue of an ill  person’s right to die. Written by Darragh McDonald and directed by Samuel Flueckiger,  ‘Terminal’ follows the last moments of George (Sean McCann) and his terminally-ill daughter Rachel (Rachel Wilson) together in Switzerland, where she has decided to end her life through doctor-assisted suicide.  George does everything he could to try to dissuade Rachel from going through with the final act, but she is not moved by his arguments. Watch the full 21-minute film on CBC Player:


This was one of the most intense short films I’ve seen in a while. You could feel the tension between the father and daughter, at first. You had to feel bad for both characters, too; he just wanted more time with her and she just wanted to stop suffering. Although the characters were fictional, there is no doubt that a real Canadian family would go through the same roller-coaster as this family did in the film.  In Canada, doctor-assisted suicide has been debated back and forth as to whether it should be made legal here. The debate is sure to rage on in the coming years.

‘Terminal’ was shot on location in Zurich and Riederalp, Switzerland. The scenery was excellent to look at; it made you feel like you were actually there. It looks like this film was funded by the ‘crowdsourcing’ phenomenon via the Indigogo website.

For more information and photos about ‘Terminal’, visit Lithium Studio’s website: http://lithiumstudios.com/film-portfolio/terminal


(Source: Wikimedia Commons)
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)






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