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Question: Is It Time For An Oscars-Type Of Awards Show For Canadian Short Films?

On Sunday night, I tuned into the Oscars award ceremony on TV. This was the first time that I actually sat down to watch this mega film gala. I have never really cared too much to watch the Oscars in the past, but this year was different. I was particularly interested in who was going to win in two specific categories: Foreign Language Film and Animated Short Film.

While I was pleased to see the Polish film ‘Ida‘ win the Foreign Language Film category, I was disappointed to learn that Torill Kove’s animated NFB short, ‘Me and My Moulton‘ was not a winner in the Animated Short Film category. The winner was instead ‘Feast’ by Patrick Osborne and Kristina Reed. I may be a bit biased, but Kove’s short about a girl and her sisters’ desire for a bicycle from their architect parents deserved to win the Oscar prize.

The NFB is no stranger to winning Oscars or even being nominated for them. Their website gives a complete list of their wins and nominations since 1939. This is an excellent achievement for Canada’s national film producer. But, the fact that Kove’s film did not win made me wonder if it’s time for a Canadian short film award gala much like the Oscars.

This short film awards ceremony would honour the best in both live action and animated short films made by Canadian short film makers. It would offer similar categories as found at the Oscars, such as Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Music, Best Sound Editing, Best Writing, and so forth. It can take place in different cities every year, such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. Most importantly, this Canadian short film awards ceremony would place a national spotlight on Canadian short film makers and actors for all to see and appreciate.

Yes, the Canadian Screen Awards does celebrate Canadian film and television talent each year. But, I’m talking about a gala just for Canadian shorts. I think it’s time we start to plan one soon; there is a lot of short film talent that should be celebrated in Canada. Wouldn’t you agree?




Don’t Let A Broken Romance Leave You Feeling ‘Bagged’ (2010)

Valentine’s Day is coming. It’s that special day when you show your significant other how much they mean to you. But what about those people who don’t have anyone? Or, what about those who were in a relationship, but now find themselves all of a sudden single and lost? For those people, shopping therapy is what they feel they need in order to fill the void.

In the 9-minute short ‘Bagged’ by director Lisa Baylin, we are introduced to Emma, played by Kristin Booth. Emma is an attractive woman who has recently broken her relationship with her boyfriend and immediately found solace in purchasing a nice-looking handbag. As time progresses, she slowly becomes attracted to the handbag and develops an unhealthy ‘relationship’ with it. The handbag has temporarily become the new ‘boyfriend’ in a ‘rebound relationship’.

Of course, the film was hilarious throughout. Here is a poor, lonely young woman slowly getting into a handbag. The handbag’s sort-of human face added to the humour in the film, and also added to Emma’s attraction. I liked how there was no spoken word throughout the film; each scene had enough in it that no dialogue was needed.

‘Bagged’ does a great job at looking at the issue of materialism and how quick we are to handling stressful and unhappy moments by filling our lives with things. While it can act as a pleasant release at first, how many people go into serious financial debt as a result of multiple impulsive purchases? The film did an excellent job at waking Emma up to her shopping compulsion using a humorous ‘falling in love’ scene.

‘Bagged’ is a must-see Canadian short film for couples and singles of all ages. Enjoy it and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Source: Wikimedia Commons)
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)