Let The Past Go And Live In The Moment In ‘Better People’ (2012)

Spring is here. Time to get things cleaned up from this past winter. Spring is also a chance for renewal – a look back at the past or into our soul, and attempt to make changes for the future ahead. Spring is also a time for romance; now that warmer temps have returned, our romantic desires can kick into gear. But sometimes, our past or our soul-searching gets in the way with our chance at meeting that special someone.

We see that happen in ‘Better People’, starring Georgina Reilly as Natalie and Mark O’Brien as John (which Mark also produced, directed and wrote). Natalie and John meet each other at a local bar. Both young and good looking, John and Natalie take their ‘getting to know you’ conversation outside the bar. When it’s time for them to part ways for the night, John stops himself in his tracks and prevents himself from pursuing Natalie because of a relatively recent break-up he had. He feels he’s not ready for anyone new. Watch the full film below:

First of all, I really liked the mix of music that was featured throughout. I also enjoyed how the film didn’t start with the typical “Hi, how are you?” conversation that you would expect in a ‘boy meets girl’ film. Instead, it opens up with the couple already past that stage –  a refreshing change of pace. There is so much to take away from the film: don’t let the past negatively affect your present; don’t let fear get in the way of love; don’t let a good thing slip away from you forever.

I’ve seen ‘Better People’ aired a few times on CBC’s ‘Canadian Reflections’. According to the NSI website, the film has won awards at the Atlantic Film Festival in 2012, the Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival in 2013, and the WorldFest Houston Film Festival in 2013. It’s a relevant and powerful short film. Enjoy!


(Source: Wikimedia Commons)
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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