Celebrate Canadian Film Culture At 2nd Annual National Canadian Film Day On April 29th

The NHL playoffs are in full swing and Canada Day is still a few months away. If you are looking for another event this week that celebrates Canadian cultural pride, look no further than National Canadian Film Day.NCFD_2015_403x403

In its second year, National Canadian Film Day will take place across Canada on April 29th , thanks to Reel Canada and a host of sponsors. The one-day event will offer a wide variety of Canadian films for your viewing pleasure. The films will be shown in accessible facilities such as local libraries and schools; in some cases, they may even be viewed online.

Canadian short film screenings are scheduled in many communities in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, and New Brunswick.  In Manitoba, the CBC is currently hosting an online short film festival in conjunction with NCFD, and viewers have a chance at rating each film.  The selected shorts may be found at: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/now-playing-cbc-manitoba-online-short-film-fest-1.3035503

To see if there’s a short film screening in your area, click on the link below and look for the drop-down menu on the right hand side of the page.


So, don’t wait for July 1st or the Stanley Cup finals to celebrate your appreciation of Canada – check out a Canadian short and feature film on April 29th!



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