‘Period Piece’ By James McLellan Wins $1,000 Short Film Award At Gimli Film Festival

Manitoba film maker James McLellan won the $1,000 Manitoba Film & Music Audience Choice Manitoba Short Film Award with his short film, ‘Period Piece’, at Gimli Film Festival on July 25.

His film was featured along with nine other short films made by fellow Manitoba film makers at the Manitoba Short Film series program. The theatre, Gimli Lutheran Church Theatre, was well-attended with a cross-section of ages. At the end of the screening, a brief Q&A session took place where the audience got to know the film makers and their skills a little bit better. There was also an opportunity for the audience to vote for the winner which resulted in ‘Period Piece’ picking up the prize.

‘Period Piece’ is about Renee, a film maker trying to make a good-news story film despite all sorts of adverse situations that disturb her and her film crew. His film previously won the Best Canadian Short Film Audience Choice Award (Gold) at the 9th annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

If you missed seeing ‘Period Piece’ at Gimli, you can catch it on CBC-TV’s ‘Short Film Face Off‘ this fall.

Congratulations goes out to James on his win. A big ‘thank you’ also goes out to the crew at Gimli Film Festival for putting on all of the Manitoba and Canadian shorts this weekend.



2 thoughts on “‘Period Piece’ By James McLellan Wins $1,000 Short Film Award At Gimli Film Festival

    1. You’re welcome, James! Great film! Thanks for sharing the Vimeo link. I’m sure SFF readers would love to watch it. Looking forward to seeing it on Short Film Face Off this fall!

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