BJ Verot, Brad Crawford Win $45,000 Prize With ‘Loss of Contact’ On ‘Short Film Face Off’

Good things definitely come in threes, especially when it comes to Canadian short films. For three weeks, Canadians from coast to coast watched and cheered on a brilliant assembly of short filmmakers on CBC’s Short Film Face Off. During these three weeks, three short films went head to head for a grand production prize of $45,000. On the 3rd of October, three filmmakers remained.

Only one would walk away as this year’s winner.

SFFO15_Post_VoteOn the last episode of Short Film Face Off this season, we were reintroduced to Scott Simpson, Allison Coon-Come and BJ Verot (with co-director Brad Crawford in the audience) along with their respective films The Toll, Eddie and Loss of Contact. Each film was shown one last time to the viewing public, while the panel of Mohit Rajhans, Michelle Latimer and Eli Glasner shared some of their final thoughts.

We were also treated to some updates from Short Film Face Off alumni Kyle Rideout, Jordan Canning, Madison Thomas and Alan Miller. They brought the audience up to speed on what kind of projects they were working on and how Short Film Face Off helped their filmmaking careers.

SFFO15_Winner_Loss_of_Contact (1)The $45,000 prize is a combination of the Telefilm Short Film Face Off Award of $30,000 and $15,000 in equipment rental from SIM Digital and PS Production Services Ltd. With viewer voting results from last weekend tabulated, the time had arrived to make the big announcement. Francesca Accinelli, Telefilm Canada’s Director of National Promotion came on stage with cheque in hand while host Steve Patterson withdrew the winner’s name from a sealed envelope. BJ Verot and Brad Crawford were declared the winners! Congratulations BJ and Brad!

Congratulations also go out to Allison and Scott for qualifying as finalists. Watch tonight’s season finale, the prior three episodes and all competing films at CBC Player:

It was a pleasure to watch Short Film Face Off’s eighth season on CBC-TV. We met and connected with a group of talented short film makers from diverse regions of Canada. We viewed nine unique, fascinating and well-made short films that were humorous, thrilling and thought-provoking. We heard commentary and analysis from an experienced film industry panel. We had a chance to vote for our favourite short film and support Canadian filmmakers in the process. Canada has an excellent film industry and the short films that competed on Short Film Face Off this season are a testimony to that. Hats off to everyone involved at Short Film Face Off for bringing these films to our televisions and mobile devices. Looking forward to Season Nine!



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