Rearview (2015) Follows Auto Accident Aftermath, Tests Driver Convictions

What would you do if you accidentally killed someone in a car accident?

This is the question that the new 16 minute short film Rearview attempts to answer. Directed by Jon Mann and starring Rob Ramsay, Rearview takes a hard look at the critical hours after a young man accidentally hits and kills a young girl with his car. With no spoken dialogue in the film, the young man goes on a painful journey of disbelief, fear, anger and resignation. Throughout the film, we watch him struggle with the situation in his own way while attempting to own up to the tragedy with his family and the police.

When asked why he wanted to make this film, Jon wanted the audience think openly about how a person would really react in the wake of a tragic event like an accident.

Rearview Poster“A big part of writing this film came from always wanting to write a story told from the point of view of someone who had just committed a hit-and-run,” said Jon. “Rob has always been fascinated by stories that are told wholly through action. The two ideas came together perfectly. One thing I really like about Rearview is that unless you’ve been in this type of situation, you really have no idea how you would react. I think it’s really easy to sit back and say that you would do the right thing, but we really have no idea.” 

“I’ve always thought it was so interesting that when an everyday hero does something, they always say something like: “Well, I did what anyone would do,” or “You would have done the same.” It’s like they deflect; it becomes like an embarrassment of riches – almost. With Rearview, I wanted to take the heroic story, turn it on its head with an anti-hero and see what would happen in the other extreme. I hope people see the film and ask each other what they honestly think they would do if they were to hit someone with their car.”

In order to prepare to play the character of the driver, Rob combined his love of physical roles together with his interpretation of the negative emotions that one would or should expect to experience after such an event.

“Portraying this character was a welcomed challenge,” stated Rob. “I’ve always enjoyed watching an actor’s physical interpretation of a character and that’s all this role is. With no text to convey his range of emotions, I had to rely on his internal monologue and do my best to emote that through his body language. I love watching characters think and there’s a lot of thought involved in this guy’s journey.”

“Fortunately, I’ve never experienced what this character goes through, so it was a matter of pulling pieces from different situations. The disbelief when we get in an accident, the feeling of grief we go through when we lose someone, the helplessness when we have no one to talk to and the acceptance of your circumstances. This character goes through an emotional roller-coaster to say the least.”


The accident and the young man’s behaviour in the aftermath were shocking to watch in Rearview. The story has the power to open up one’s eyes to a man’s agony and desperation. Rearview definitely has the ability to make someone dig deep inside themselves and question his or her own ability to act rationally after going through a stressful situation. This film should have no problems picking up awards at national and international film festivals.

Go to Popular Demand Pictures’ Facebook page for news and information about the film and give it a ‘like’:  More film details are available at opens to the public in November.



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