Have Fun On Halloween With Three Spooky Canadian Short Films

Halloween is just around the corner in Canada. It’s a night of fun and celebration for all who enjoy the tradition. Kids of all sizes will be running through their neighborhoods on the search for candy treasure. Adults will have an opportunity to go out for costume parties, but only after they’ve taken their kids out for trick-or-treating!

Fans of Canadian short film also have a way to join in the Halloween fun. Here are three that have a spooky, suspenseful theme to them:

The Last Halloween by Marc Roussel and Mark Thibodeau. In this 2013 film, four young trick-or-treaters make their Halloween rounds in a devastated neighbourhood. They visit one home where the occupant attempts to chase them away. But what’s the result?


Foxed! (2013) by James Stewart and Nev Bezaire. This is an animated short about a girl who is trapped and enslaved by foxes to work deep in their mines. Can she successfully contact and be saved by her mother, who is on the other side of the wall?


The Toll by Scott Simpson. A suspense thriller from 2014. A toll booth operator’s seemingly dull evening shift gets very interesting with a car accident, a deceased woman and two armed men. How does he handle the situation?


All three films will keep you on the edge of your seat, give you a jolt and leave you wanting more. Once the little armies of costumed children have gone home, or before you head out to that Halloween party, take the time to watch The Last Halloween, Foxed! and The Toll. They’re fun and keep the Halloween spirit alive in Canadian short films.



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