Who Would You Like To See In A Canadian Short Film?

The gears at Short Film Fan were turning lately.

With the recent blockbuster superhero movie releases of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ earlier this year and ‘Captain America: Civil War’ last month, an idea came up.

Which Canadian character, real or imagined, would you like to see in a Canadian short?

One Canadian comic book character that first came to mind was Captain Canuck. He came on the comic scene in 1975 through the creative juices of Ron Leishman and Richard Comely.  What kind of adventures could he get up to in a short film? From further research, other Canadian comic book characters that have graced magazine stands in the past include Northguard and Fleur de Lys. It would be interesting to see if the adventures of these characters could be translated into a short film form.

What about real-life Canadian characters from history? Would it be possible to take one moment from their lives and turn it into a short film? Maybe Sir William Stephenson, the man who would be the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s James Bond, would be an interesting feature in a short. Could you imagine a Canadian James Bond in a 10-minute short film?

Would all of these ideas work? That would probably depend on a few factors. Financial resources could be one of them. Casting the right actors could be another. But, who knows? Maybe one day these ideas and others will come to life in a Canadian short.

Do you have any ideas of your own? Write your comments below or share a post on Short Film Fan’s Facebook and Google+ pages.



4 thoughts on “Who Would You Like To See In A Canadian Short Film?

  1. I heard that the Snow Withe character was born in Winnipeg. A gay felt in love with a young woman working as a waitres and he sketched a picture of her. Then he moved to the U. States and somehow his dream girl sketch was chosen as the perfect image from the famous Snow white! I would love to see this lovely history in a short film.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Angela. Yes, there is a story out there about a sketch artist named Charlie Thorson of Winnipeg. He claimed that the animated Disney character Snow White was based on a drawing of a waitress from Winnipeg. This would definitely be an interesting short film subject.

  2. Interesting blog Mike!!!
    How about a short film built around our leaping, laughing, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau???

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