From ‘Good-Bye’ To ‘Good To See You’?

Hi, short film fans. Hope you’re enjoying your summer (if you are reading this in the Northern Hemisphere).

It’s been a long while since I wrote and posted my last article on the site. Of course, the article was a ‘good-bye’ post where I stated that it wasn’t going to be possible for me to continue with the site. I never revealed why I had to stop.

But, here’s one reason: I was getting sick.

My desire to share all these fantastic news stories about Canadian short films was causing me some physical illnesses. The stress of balancing a day job, a home and the blog site was getting too much. Plus, I was becoming more involved with my ethnic community by helping out various organizations with their communications needs. There just wasn’t enough time to get everything done. My energy was depeleting.

These situations that I have listed above haven’t changed (except for the illness part – I’m doing very well!). But, my mind is changing about withdrawing from Short Film Fan. Despite my ‘good-bye’ post, I still receive requests from Canadian and non-Canadian filmmakers to feature something about their short films. That speaks volumes to me; it shows that you’ve liked my site and have come to rely on it as a reliable source to spread the word about short films.

I’m also still getting new social media followers, particularly on Twitter. I’m still active there and I’m happy to see that my past followers have hung on and have continued to engage with me.

This past spring, I renewed my site with WordPress for another year. That gives me about 12 months to keep all my articles up for further reading by the public. But, it’s also giving me some motivation to write more posts. The frequency of writing would be a lot less – maybe once every three to four months. That means I would have to be very picky when it comes to reviewing a short film (which is something I would hate to do as I want to review them all!). Maybe I have to write on my own time at my own pace.

In time, though I hope we can switch from ‘good-bye’ to ‘good to see you’.


2 thoughts on “From ‘Good-Bye’ To ‘Good To See You’?

  1. Great to have you back! Write when you feel like it and when something moves you. I had to learn this lesson myself with my own film blog. There’s no shame in taking care of yourself first!

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