Thanks for reading Short Film Fan.

I’m a communications professional living in Canada. I started this blog in May 2014 for three reasons: to show my appreciation for Canadian short films, to increase the awareness of Canadian short films among film buffs, and to act as a forum and an information source for the Canadian short filmmaking community. As a fan of this genre, it’s my pleasure to share my interest in these films with you on this blog site. It’s my belief that Canadian short films will continue to grow in popularity.

If you have a Canadian short film that you’d like me to blog about, I would like to hear from you. Please note: all short film reviews will be considered, but the final decision to feature a short lies with me.

If you have any industry news or festival information that you’d like to share with my readers, I would be more than happy to feature it.

Of course, comments about any of my posts are much appreciated.

I’m also interested in receiving and publishing guest blog posts. Please review the Rules for Guest Bloggers page for information on what would be expected from you as a guest blogger on the site.  It would be a pleasure for me to write about Canadian shorts for your publication, if you are inclined to have me do so.

You can reach me via email (cdnshortfilmfan@gmail.com), Twitter (@shortfilmfan) and Facebook (@ShortFilmFan).


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