Rules For Guest Writers

Interested in writing an article as a guest on Short Film Fan? It’s always a pleasure to meet other people who are also passionate about Canadian short films. So, naturally, space is available for you to share your thoughts and comments about this fantastic film genre. Below are a few rules that need to be followed first:

Pitch the idea: Please email your article idea to and allow 2-3 business days so that it may be reviewed and considered.

Length: 400 to 500 words, but exceptions can be made when more space is needed to cover your topic properly.

Content: Must be strictly about Canadian shorts and the Canadian short film community. For example: your favourite Canadian short and why, the challenges of making Canadian shorts, Canadian short film programming at festivals, Canadian short film top 10 lists, etc.

Tone: Positive and supportive of Canadian shorts, as well as their producers, performers, distributors and financial backers. Please avoid writing your topic with an extreme political, sexual or religious slant. Constructive criticism (i.e. useful advice meant to help improve something) is OK.

Originality: All articles must be original in idea and thought (i.e. no plagiarism).

Quality: Please self-edit your article before sending it in. Check for spelling, formatting, etc. Review grammar and tenses. Overall, please make sure that the article is well-written with a logical flow.

Photos: Please submit a photo of yourself to be used in the article, as well as any photos that may help tell the story in your article (JPEG format).

Your Info: When submitting your article, please include a brief bio of yourself, including webpages, ways people can reach you, such as social media handles and an email address. This information will be incorporated into the introduction or the ending of the article.

Online Sharing: After the article is posted, it will be shared via Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. A direct link to the article will be emailed to you so that you may share it on your webpage and social media channels. It would be highly appreciated if you would also share the SFF post online.


Questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask anything you need clarification on. Looking forward to working with you. Thanks again for your interest in Short Film Fan!