Submitting Your Films, News Or Information

If you have a Canadian short film that you’d like to have featured on Short Film Fan, please feel free to reach out with your request. Please note that all short film reviews will be considered, but the final decision to feature a short lies with the publisher. Please also let the publisher know if you require to review a draft of the post prior to publishing.

Industry news or festival information is equally welcome and may be featured as an article or shared quickly via social media, depending on the situation.

Of course, comments about any of the posts are much appreciated.

Short Film Fan is also open to receiving and publishing articles from guests. Please review the Rules for Guest Writers page for information on what would be expected from you as a guest writer on the site.  It would also be a pleasure to have a Short Film Fan article featured in your publication or on your website.

**Note: Short Film Fan is no longer accepting new submissions for publishing. Thanks for your understanding.**