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Guest Post: Canadian Short Films From An Immigrant’s Perspective

It’s always good to receive comments from Short Film Fan readers and it’s equally a pleasure to read them. One of SFF’s newest subscribers, Angela Perez, recently sent in some of her thoughts about Canadian shorts. Angela immigrated to Canada from Colombia a few years ago and has been working and raising her family here ever since. Passionate about languages and cultures outside of her native Colombia, Angela enjoys learning more about the different cultural aspects in Canada. Here’s what she had to say:


“What could possibly be a better way for an immigrant like me to get immersed in a culture than watching some locally-made short films?

I came across Short Film Fan one year ago and I loved the idea. These short films are a very fun and quick way for me to learn about the different aspects of the prolific Canadian culture. One thing that I find so charming about Canada is the diversity of the population. As fascinating as it is to know people from all around the world in one of Canada’s cities, it is also interesting to explore the very own Canadian way of living and those everyday occurrences in people’s lives than bring them together.

The films on Short Film Fan focus on a variety of topics, which is one of many things that I like about the blog. In addition, I really enjoy the way that it engages the viewer. Participating in the selection of the best films keeps you not only captivated, but also fills you with anticipation about the next film that will be posted.”


Thanks, Angela, for letting us know why you like Canadian shorts and how they’re helping you learn more about Canada. Thanks also for being a Short Film Fan subscriber!

Would anyone else like to write or comment about Canadian shorts or the blog? You can share your thoughts directly on any blog post or send in your note to mkul1973@yahoo.ca. Hope to hear from you soon.



Happy Canada Day – Enjoy a Short Canadian Film Today

Happy Canada Day! Have a great time with your family and friends in whatever activities you have planned today. Canadians are lucky to live in a country full of abundance and opportunity. It’s also exciting to see so much film, music and television talent emerging from our nation in the past few decades.

Canada is definitely coming of age in the film industry and from the looks of things, there’s no shortage of quality short films out there. So, let’s celebrate those who make them a reality by watching one, two, three or more Canadian short films today! Check out the one’s posted on this blog, and watch more short films on the websites below:


https://www.nfb.ca/explore-all-films/ (click on the ‘Formats’ menu on the left-hand side, then select ‘Short-Film’)




 (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)
(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)