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Stand Your Ground, Look Them In The Eye And Say ‘Cheese’ (2014)

From time to time, we’re called on by our friends to help them out in some way. When we’re confident in our ability to help, we don’t give it a second thought. But, what happens if we’re asked to help with something where we don’t have much experience with or knowledge in?  What if our lack of experience and knowledge is made worse by a challenging adversary? What do we do?

If you’re anything like Jaime in the 5-minute short Cheese, you give it your best shot and “fake it until you make it”. Cheese was written and directed by Hannah Cheesman with Mackenzie Donaldson producing. Natalie Lisinska plays the role of Jaime with Tony Nappo as Cosmo, the cheese expert. Jaime has the daunting task of buying a variety of cheeses for her friend’s party. As Jaime enters the store, she is overwhelmed with all of the different cheeses available and is unsure of what to buy. Cosmo picks up on Jaime’s lack of confidence and tries to take advantage of the situation.

Through a somewhat intimidating manner, Cosmo offers up a couple of cheese suggestions which Jaime accepts. Picking up on his power trip, Jaime begins to boost her confidence level by demanding more random selections to be wrapped up for purchase. She wins the ongoing struggle by asking for a pound of Himalayan cheese. Stumped by Jaime’s tenacity, Cosmo walks away from the tug-of-war match beaten at his game. Watch the entire film here:


Cheese is a fun and relatable story. Everyone has been in a situation where real or feigned confidence helped to fend off a potential shark. The film shows us that it’s important to stand one’s ground and not cave in to your disadvantages. Showing tenacity and composure is sometimes respected by sharks. It was funny to watch this war of wits and it was rewarding to see Jaime walk away intact as the winner.

For more information about the film, go to http://hannahcheesman.com/cheese