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Don’t Let A Broken Romance Leave You Feeling ‘Bagged’ (2010)

Valentine’s Day is coming. It’s that special day when you show your significant other how much they mean to you. But what about those people who don’t have anyone? Or, what about those who were in a relationship, but now find themselves all of a sudden single and lost? For those people, shopping therapy is what they feel they need in order to fill the void.

In the 9-minute short ‘Bagged’ by director Lisa Baylin, we are introduced to Emma, played by Kristin Booth. Emma is an attractive woman who has recently broken her relationship with her boyfriend and immediately found solace in purchasing a nice-looking handbag. As time progresses, she slowly becomes attracted to the handbag and develops an unhealthy ‘relationship’ with it. The handbag has temporarily become the new ‘boyfriend’ in a ‘rebound relationship’.

Of course, the film was hilarious throughout. Here is a poor, lonely young woman slowly getting into a handbag. The handbag’s sort-of human face added to the humour in the film, and also added to Emma’s attraction. I liked how there was no spoken word throughout the film; each scene had enough in it that no dialogue was needed.

‘Bagged’ does a great job at looking at the issue of materialism and how quick we are to handling stressful and unhappy moments by filling our lives with things. While it can act as a pleasant release at first, how many people go into serious financial debt as a result of multiple impulsive purchases? The film did an excellent job at waking Emma up to her shopping compulsion using a humorous ‘falling in love’ scene.

‘Bagged’ is a must-see Canadian short film for couples and singles of all ages. Enjoy it and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Source: Wikimedia Commons)
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)