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‘Interview With A Time Traveler’ (2014) Takes You On A Profound Journey

Summer is practically here. People are thinking about taking time off from work to rest and enjoy the warm weather. Some folks are even taking a trip somewhere, whether it is to a lake resort or another city altogether. Certainly, travel is a popular summer holiday past time. But, would you consider travelling back in time on your holiday?

‘Interview With a Time Traveler’ was produced and directed by James Cooper and written by Peter Rowley. It stars Elias Toufexis as a journalist named Paul and Eric Johnson as The Traveler. After receiving numerous tips regarding future world events, Paul meets with The Traveler in a hotel room in order to find out more about this gentleman and how he was able to supply him with such exact information. In a brooding voice, The Traveler reveals that he is from the future and interacted with many historical figures through his time machine. Realizing that he is ill and dying, The Traveler wants to hand over the time travel role over to Paul. Paul refuses at first. But, he curiously changes his mind after The Traveler reveals an unpleasant incident that took place in Paul’s past. Watch the film below:

I liked the serious and dark feel of the film; the background music definitely added a dire tone. I also enjoyed listening to The Traveler’s dialogue; it was intelligent, philosophical, and thought-provoking. It was interesting that the details of Paul’s unpleasant past incident weren’t really made known. Consequently, it was left up to the imagination of the viewer to try to figure that out. But, that’s one of the fun things about watching short films. Perhaps Paul saw it as a good opportunity to get closure.

I first saw ‘Interview With a Time Traveler’ on CBC’s ‘Canadian Reflections’; it kept me on the edge of my chair and wanting more. I can definitely see it becoming a television mini-series or even a longer feature film. This is a film that is good to watch late at night on a big HD screen television. Put it on your ‘to-do’ list for your holidays this summer. Enjoy!