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Short Film Fan Earns Top 25 Short Film Blog Award

Hey, short film fans! Are you ready for some amazing news?

Short Film Fan has just been selected as one of the top 25 short film blogs on the Web by Feedspot.com. A congratulatory email was sent to SFF by the founder of Feedspot, Anuj Agarwal. An award badge was also presented to SFF by Mr. Agarwal which you can see right here: https://shortfilmfan.com/awards/

Thank you very, very much Feedspot for awarding Short Film Fan a spot on your Top 25 Short Film Blogs category. This is an incredible honour to receive.

A big thank you also goes out to all Short Film Fan subscribers, readers, followers and supporters. Without you, this award would not have been possible.

To learn more about Feedspot and to check out the Top 25 Short Film Blogs list, go to https://blog.feedspot.com/short_film_blogs/