UMBRELLA | Animated Short Film With 2 Messages Of Empathy & Hope

Umbrella Is Inspired By True Events

The heartbreaking short story of Umbrella, inspired by true events, is filled with messages of empathy and hope.

This Brazilian animated short film, follows Joseph’s story, a boy who lives in an orphanage and dreams of owning a yellow umbrella until he unexpectedly meets a little girl that awakens his memories of the past. ☔️

Umbrella is the first film by directing wife-husband duo Helena Hilario and Mario Pece. The writers-directors Helena Hilario and Mario Pece turned the pain into art and wrote the first draft of the script full of emotion, empathy, and kindness in late December 2011. Over the years, only three scenes were added to the first original draft. Everything else was there on paper since day 1! ⚡️



The Making Of Umbrella Animated Short Film

It all started when Hilario got a call from her sister in 2011. The sister said she had visited an orphanage in Palmas (in the Brazilian state of Paraná) to deliver Christmas gifts to the children. There was one boy who didn’t want any of the toys. When asked what he wanted, he said he would love an umbrella. The reason was that the last time he remembered seeing his father was on a rainy day; in his head, he needed an umbrella to reunite the family.

Umbrella Short Film
Umbrella Short Film

As Hilario explains, “In making this short film, our dream and goal were to translate a painful memory into art to spread a beautiful message of empathy and hope. A sad event inspired us to create a beautiful and delicate story. We couldn’t stop thinking about how precious our memories are, and we must put ourselves in the other’s shoes before jumping to conclusions.”

Umbrella reached a milestone for an independent Brazilian Animated Short film, as the film was selected and screened at 19 Oscar® Qualifying Film Festivals and a total of 53 Official Selections around the world!

If nominated for an Oscar, “Umbrella” will become the first Brazilian film to reach that stage in the animated short category. Watch the film and learn the story behind this unique production by StratoStorm.


Umbrella Short Film
Umbrella Short Film


Music Recording Of Umbrella Short Film

The key to evoking complex emotions of empathy, forgiveness, kindness, and hope is the beautiful original music score composed by the talented Gabriel Dib.

Umbrella short film is done without dialogue, and the music is essential to establish an authentic connection between Joseph and the audience. Gabriel worked closely with the directors to bring the perfect emotion to the film’s narrative.🎵

The talented artist James Tose carefully crafted Umbrella’s sound design to tell the audience where the scene is taking place and what is happening. The background and atmospheric noise were essential to inform what the characters are doing and support the story the filmmakers are telling.💜

.☔️ The music recording was a very emotional and unique moment in the production of Umbrella.

After Gabriel Dib completed the score, he worked closely with Ben Shirley to ensure the score’s sheet music was delivered impeccably and then it was handed off to the conductor Peter Rotter for recording a full orchestral track at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, with 30 incredible and talented musicians.

The score recording was procured by Luiz Augusto Buff and Vivian Aguiar Buff and executive produced by Louis Lee. 🎶🎵🎻🙌💜 #umbrellaanimatedshort #orchestra #recordingstudio #liveorchestra


3D Animation Process

As for the wonderful 3D Animation process, the amazing artist Hannry Pschera was responsible for the animation team’s supervision.

He worked day to day in collaboration with the directors and CGI Supervisor to bring his unique character animation skills and translate them into the emotions and actions that were envisioned for the story, keeping the consistent style and continuity – both visually and technically.

The talented team that brought Umbrella’s characters to life are Hannry Pschera, Christain Weckl, Leonidas Maciel, Odair Martins, Daniel Oliveira, and Carlos Braz. 🤩

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